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WT32-SC01 is a development board based on ESP32 for visual touch screen. The board is equipped with self-developed GUI platform firmware and supports graphics drag-and-drop programming to help users complete the development of custom control platforms. Developers can also develop and debug functions such as buttons, voice, and cameras through the expansion interfaces on both sides of the development board, which greatly shortens the user’s development cycle. The solution is often used in 86-box thermostats, gateways with screens, water heaters, ovens and other smart homes and smart home appliances.

Product Description

WT32-SC01 is a development board for visual touch screen. The board is equipped with self-developed GUI platform firmware, and supports graphical drag-and-drop programming to help users complete the development of customized control platforms. The main control of the WT32-SC01 development board adopts the ESP32-WROVER-B module, which is a universal Wi-Fi+BT+BLE MCU module with 4MB SPI Flash and 8MB PSRAM. The WT32-SC01 development board can also develop and debug functions such as buttons, voice, and camera through the expansion interfaces on both sides, which greatly shortens the user’s development cycle.

Product Parameters


Storage:8Mbyte PSRAM+4Mbyte Flash



Display Type:IPS

Touch Category:Capacitive

Power Supply Voltage :5V DC

Power Supply:Type-C

hardware resources


ESP32-WROVER-B is a Wi-Fi&BT&BLE MCU module for various applications, with powerful functions and a wide range of channels, it can be used for inefficient sensor networks and demanding applications and ticks, such as voice, MP3 decoding wait. The parameter of this ESP32-WROVER-B is 8Mbyte PSRAM + 4Mbyte Flash.

2、TP Interface

Capacitive touchpad interface, I2C interface, 0.5mm pitch, 6Pin, flip down connection.

3、LCM Display Interface

3.5-inch LCM display interface, SPI interface, 0.5mm pitch, 24pin. This SPI interface is connected to the hardware HSPI interface of ESP32, and the operating clock frequency can reach 80MHz. The screen parameters used are: size: 3.5Inch; pixel density: 165PPI; resolution: 320*RGB*480; Screen model: WT-352215-A2.

4、Power Management

Two 3.3V output LDOs, one powers the board itself and the other powers the external expansion board. The power supply is separated to prevent the expansion board from interfering with the power supply of ESP32 and ensure the stability of ESP32 operation.

5、External Power Interface

The reserved external power supply interface (the positive and negative signs are shown in the figure above), the input voltage range is 5V-9V, and the maximum load current I>2A is required.

6、RST Button

The touch self-reset button is connected to the EN pin of ESP32, and this button can be used to reset ESP32.

7、Type-C Interface

Universal USB-C interface (Type-C interface), this interface is used for power supply to the development board, UART communication and firmware download.
The hardware of the download circuit implements data flow control, so the firmware download supports one-key automatic download.

8-9、Expansion Board Interface

The interface of the external expansion board can externally expand the power supply, communication, control, etc. of the board to realize function expansion to meet the needs of users.
Various needs. The two interfaces 8 and 9 are connected together Pin-to-Pin, so the expansion board is plugged into the power supply of 8 and 9 interfaces.
The road connections are the same, just to satisfy the user experience of installing expansion boards in different directions. At the same time: when the IO of two expansion boards
When there is no conflict, two expansion boards can be inserted at the same time to realize two expansion functions. Expansion board interface specifications: 2.0mm pitch,
2X20Pin, you can choose to install on both sides with horizontal mounting. The interface definition is shown in Figure 3 – the interface definition diagram of the extended version.

10、Power Indicator

Power indicator light (red light), it will light up when the USB cable is plugged in.

11、UART Communication Indicator

The TXD indicator and RXD indicator in the UART will blink when there is data flow.

Download Specifications

WT32-SC01 V3.4                   2022.2.24

Scope of application


Air fryer


Water heater


washing machine



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