The 7-inch smart display motherboard is an ultra-small SoM (System on Module) module basedon SigmaStar SSD201/SSD202 SoC (ARM Cortex A7 processor), with the main frequency up to1.2GHz, 256KB L2-Cache, built-in dual MAC, one PHY, and supporting dual 100M Ethernetinterfaces. The memory management supports DMA engine. It integrates H.264/AVC andH.265/HEVC decoders and supports max. resolution FHD(1920×1080)/60 fps decode.


201 7-inch Smart Display User Manual 2020-08-14


The 7-inch smart display is equipped with TTL display driver interface, TF card socket, Ethernet
MAC, audio interface, speaker interface, USB2.0 and WIFI. It is mainly used in the fields of smart
building indoor intercom, smart home central control, 86-box family central control, elevator floor
display, IP network broadcasting device and speech recognition equipment, etc.


CPU SigmaStar SSD201/SSD202
ARM® Cortex-A7 dual-core processor, up to 1.2GHz
Video processor supports max. resolution FHD(1920×1080)/60 fps decode. , H.265/HEVC
decoder,I/P/B slices,all intra-prediction modes, all inter-prediction modes,supports max. resolution HD(1920×1080)/60 fps
decode. RAM Built-in DDR2/DDR3 memory, support auto-refresh and self- refresh modes, 64MB by default (up to 128MB)
Storage Supports 1/2/4-bit SPI-NOR/SPI-NAND Flash,128MB by default(up to
OS Linux
Ethernet 1-channel 10/100Mbps half duplex/full duplex Ethernet
WIFI Equipped with Singmaster wifi chip (SSW101B), with high performance and
500m transmission distance in open space
Display Video output interface: -1 x RGB, support FHD (1920×1080)/60 fps decoding output, with
1024*600 IPS RGB module by default
Audio 1 x left and right channel speaker (PH-4 connector)
Serial port 1x DEBUG(PM_UART)
1 x RS232
1 x RS485
USB 1x USB 2.0(USB female)
TF card 1 x Micro SD card standard(support SDIO2.0)
RTC 1220 button battery, easy to maintain
4 x GPIO