1.54 Serial screen (ESP32-S2)

Product series: smart screen

WT154-S2MT1 is a multi-interface serial screen, equipped with ESP32-S2 processor, supporting clock frequency up to 240 MHz. ESP32-S2-SOLO-U uses the ESP32-S2 chip. The ESP32-S2 chip is equipped with an XtensaB 32-bit LX7 single-core processor with an operating frequency of up to 240 MHz. The user can turn off the power of the CPU and use the low-power coprocessor to monitor the state changes of peripherals or whether certain analog quantities exceed thresholds.

product description

WT154-S2MT1 is a serial screen designed and developed by Qiming Cloud based on Espressif ESP32-S2 and domestic chip high-efficiency development platform 8ms (http://8ms.xyz) for the market IOT application needs. The solution adopts a 1.54-inch IPS color screen with a resolution of 240×240. The development board structure adopts the minimum size and various positioning and fixing methods. It supports WIFI. Greatly shorten the user product development cycle. The solution is often used in smart small home appliances such as coffee machines with screens, bladeless fans, hair dryers, induction cookers, health pots, and sweepers, and can also be used as the first choice for upgrading traditional segment code screen products.

Product parameters

Size: 1.54inch

Storage: 128Mbyte

Resolution: 240X240

Interface: MCU8080

Display type: IPS

Touch Category: Capacitive

Power supply voltage: 2.8/3.2V

Driver IC: ST7789

hardware resources

1. WIFI antenna
2. Use PCB onboard

Download Specifications

Scope of application

Air fryer

Air fryer

water heater

Water heater

washing machine

washing machine



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What is 8MS?

8ms Embedded Development Tool Platform–8ms.xyz

A free cross-platform rapid prototyping tool platform for developers, aiming to provide developers with a simple and efficient development experience

Drag-and-drop, visualization, WYSIWYG, rich controls, support for UI event association, and support for multi-skin management.

Rich functional building blocks, allowing developers to achieve zero-code development. 12 categories of rich UI material library, one-click clone, free application

No development environment is required to build, only one USB cable is needed to complete firmware download, debugging and printing

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