ESP32-S2-WROOM and ESP32-S2-WROOM-I are universal Wi-Fi MCU modules with powerful functions and rich peripheral interfaces, which can be used in wearable electronic devices, smart home and other scenarios.


ESP32-S2-WROOM&ESP32-S2-WROOM-I Manual V1.0.pdf 2020-06-05


ESP32-S2-WROOM and ESP32-S2-WROOM-I use Lexin ESP32-S2 chip. Lexin ESP32-S2 chip carries Xtensa ® The 32-bit LX7 single-core processor has a working frequency of up to 240 MHz. The user can turn off the power of the CPU and use the low-power coprocessor to monitor the status change of peripheral devices or whether some analog quantities exceed the threshold. Lexin ESP32-S2 also integrates a variety of peripherals, including SPI, I2S, UART, I2C, LED PWM, LCD interface, camera interface, ADC, DAC, touch sensor, temperature sensor, and up to 43 GPIO, as well as a full-speed USB On-The-Go (OTG) interface.

ESP32-S2-WROOM uses PCB on-board antenna, and ESP32-S2-WROOM-I uses IPEX antenna. Both modules are configured with 4 MB SPIflash.


> Single-core 32-bit Wi-Fi MCU

> Excellent safety performance

> powerful, generic

> Rich set of peripherals

> low-power



> Generic Low-power IoT Sensor Hub

> Data Loggers

> Cameras for Video Streaming

> Over-the-top (OTT) Devices

> USB Devices

> Speech Recognition

> Home Automation

> Smart Home Control Panel

> Wi-Fi-enabled Toys

> Wearable Electronics