Series :
Industrial core board WT-SOM6ULX
Name :
ARM A7 based SOM module

IMX6IPC Android industrial control main board specification 2019-01-11
WT-SOM6ULX core board hardware design manual 2019-02-26
WT-SOM6ULX Datasheet 2018-11-30

The WT-SOM6ULX is a tiny insert-ready System on Module populated with the NXP®Semiconductor i.MX 6ULL SoC based on the ARM Cortex-A7 architecture。The module has integrated with DDR3L, Nand Flash(or eMMC ) and one 10/100M Ethernet PHY on board. It delivers high performance with ultra-efficient power that targets Industry Control, HMI, Smart Healthcare and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.The i.MX 6ULL is a power efficient and cost-optimized applications processor family featuring an advanced implementation of a single Arm® Cortex®-A7 core, which operates at speed up to 900 MHz.



  • Arm Cortex-A7 core up to 900 MHz, 128 KB L2 cache
  • Parallel LCD Display up to WXGA (1366x768)
  • 8/10/16/24-bit Parallel Camera Sensor Interface
  • 2x MMC 4.5/SD 3.0/SDIO Port2x USB 2.0 OTG, HS/FS, Device or Host with PHYAudio Interfaces include 3x I2S/SAI, S/PDIF Tx/Rx2x 10/100Mbps Ethernet with IEEE802.3
  • UP to 8 UARTs2x 12-bit ADC, up to 10 input channel, with resistive touch controller (4-wire/5-wire)
  • Security Block: TRNG, Crypto Engine (AES with DPA, TDES/SHA/RSA), Secure Boot