Series :
Industrial core board WT-ARM9G25-S1
Name :
SMART ARM-based Embedded MPU Core Board
SMART ARM-based Embedded MPU Core Board

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WIRELESS-TAG WT-ARM9 RoHS Certificate and report 2017-09-06
WIRELESS-TAG WT-ARM9 EMC&FCC certificate and report 2017-09-04
WT-ARM9G25-S1 core board datasheet.pdf 2017-08-24
WT-ARM9G25-S1 core board pins definition.pdf 2017-09-04
WT-ARM9G25-S1 Software& 2017-08-24

This MPU features connectivity peripherals, a high data bandwidth architecture and a small footprint package option, making it an optimized solution for industrial applications. The WT-ARM9G25 interface peripherals include a camera interface that supports direct connection to the ITU-R BT. 601/656 8-bit mode compliant sensors and up to 12-bit grayscale sensors. Communication peripherals include a soft modem supporting exclusively the Conexant SmartDAA line driver, HS (480 Mbps) USB
Host and Device ports with on-chip transceivers, FS USB Host, 10/100 Ethernet MAC, two HS SDCard/SDIO/MMC interfaces, USARTs, SPIs, I2S, multiple TWIs and 10-bit ADC.
The multi-layer bus matrix is linked to 2 x 8 DMA channels as well as DMAs dedicated to the communication and interface peripherals, ensuring uninterrupted data transfers with minimal processor overhead.
The External Bus Interface incorporates controllers for 4-bank and 8-bank DDR2/LPDDR, SDRAM/LPSDRAM, static memories, as well as specific circuitry for MLC/SLC NAND Flash with integrated ECC up to 24 bits.
The SAM9G25 is available in a 217-ball BGA package with 0.8 mm ball pitch, as well as in 247-ball TFBGA and 247-ball VFBGA packages with 0.5 mm ball pitch, making it ideally suited for space-constrained applications.