Good News | Qiming Cloud Successfully Renews Espressif China Agency Contract

07/03/2023 news

As the world’s leading AIoT platform, Espressif Technology is committed to providing safe and diverse AIoT solutions for hundreds of millions of users around the world, focusing on the development of wireless communication SoCs with high integration, low power consumption, excellent performance, security and stability, and high cost performance. Advanced semiconductor technology, low-power computing, wireless communication technology, and Mesh networking technologies have developed well-designed, high-performance, smarter and widely used chips and modules, helping developers use Espressif’s solutions Develop smart products to create a smart world where everything is connected.

Shenzhen Qiming Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing IoT communication products and overall solutions for many years, mainly focusing on IoT wireless communication chips, modules, human-machine interface (HMI), artificial intelligence and industrial control embedded products. Provide one-stop color screen display + connection + cloud service + APP software development, maintenance and other solutions for smart products, helping users quickly realize the intelligentization of hardware.

In 2023, Qiming Cloud once again successfully signed a contract with Espressif Greater China as an agent, and will continue to work hand in hand in the future for common development and progress. From the beginning of the signing in 2013 to the present ten years, Qiming Cloud has always adhered to the open source concept of Espressif’s technology, and has become one of Espressif’s largest distributors. In the future, Qiming Cloud will also continue to provide cutting-edge technologies, cost-effective products and innovative solutions, enabling more enterprise products to quickly complete intelligent upgrades and create huge value.