Wireless-tag made a wonderful appearance at TECH Biz EXPO2023

09/02/2023 2月 28th, 2023 news

Recently, the 12th next-generation manufacturing basic technology industry exhibition – TECH Biz EXPO 2023 officially opened in the small and medium-sized enterprise promotion hall in Nagoya, Japan. Wireless-tag partners brought the latest serial screen technology and intelligent solutions to the exhibition. . The theme of this exhibition is “Basic Technology Aiming at Connecting the Next Generation“. It brings together hundreds of companies and organizations for technical discussions and exchanges, as well as product exhibitions.

During the exhibition, Kernel Hardware Engineering exhibited Wireless-tag WT32-SC01 and WT32-SC01 PLUS series products as a regular agent of Wireless-tag. At the same time, the conference application ZOOM controller EZ product designed and developed based on WT32-SC01 was also unveiled at the exhibition. , Attracting many industry professionals to stop at the booth to discuss and communicate.

As a one-stop IoT solution provider, Wireless-tag is committed to the R&D and production of wireless communication chips, modules, human-machine interface (HMI), artificial intelligence and industrial control embedded products, and strives to provide users with highly competitive ” IoT wireless connection + color screen display” solution. We will continue to provide cutting-edge technologies, cost-effective products and innovative solutions, enabling enterprises to quickly complete intelligent upgrades of products.

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