ESP32-S3+480*480 resolution 2.1-inch circular screen knob scheme is new

2022年2月22日 7月 11th, 2022 新闻

WT-0-S3-210MW1 magnetic encoder knob solution is Qiming Cloud aiming at market IOT application needs, based on ESP32-S3 and domestic chip high-efficiency development platform 8ms ( designed and developed a knob screen.

The solution adopts a 2.1-inch IPS circular color screen with a resolution of 480*480. The structure adopts a magnetic coding knob, which is compact, simple and exquisite in appearance. It supports WIFI and Bluetooth, and can realize functions such as device networking, remote control, and data visualization. .

The development board leads to multiple GPIO ports for users to flexibly configure various sensors. It supports to directly call the UI SDK on the 8ms development tool platform for UI development, and the application can call the SDK provided by the platform to achieve rapid development. Greatly shorten the user product development cycle.

The solution is often used in smart home appliances such as air fryers with screens, water heaters, washing machines, and ovens, and various applications that require screen display. It is also often used as the first choice for upgrading traditional segment code screens and black and white screen products.

Hardware Features:

Colorful ambient lighting

Motor vibration feedback

Induction Magnetic Knob Structure

Customizable touch

Support optional 1.28-inch round screen

Flexible on-board resources and expansion interfaces

Convenient for custom development

Software Features:

Adapt to a variety of screens, including color screens and monochrome screens that support RGB,  8080, SPI, and I2C interfaces.

Based on the SDK provided by the 8ms platform, users can quickly port the solution to other ESP chips; the supporting sample code guides user development, including GUI development examples, audio playback, audio intercom, remote, online voice, camera, etc.

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