Good news | Qiming Cloud signed Espressif Greater China agent again

2022年1月17日 7月 11th, 2022 新闻

Espressif Technologies (stock code: 688018) is a global fabless semiconductor company founded in 2008 with offices in China, Czech Republic, India, Singapore and Brazil, and teams from about 30 countries and regions . Espressif has been deeply involved in the research and development and design of software and hardware products in the AIoT field for many years, focusing on the research and development of wireless communication MCUs with high integration, low power consumption, excellent performance, security and stability, and high cost performance. Now it has released ESP8266, ESP32, ESP32-S, ESP32 -C and ESP32-H series of chips, modules and development boards, ideal for IoT applications.

Shenzhen Qiming Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading provider of Internet of Things communication products and overall solutions, provides wireless communication products and intelligent scene services for global enterprise customers. The company mainly provides IoT wireless communication chips, modules, human-machine interface (HMI), artificial intelligence and industrial control embedded products, etc. The solutions have served more than 1000+ enterprises worldwide, especially in smart grid, smart home, smart industry, He has accumulated rich experience in products and projects in the fields of medical treatment and agricultural monitoring.

Qiming Cloud has been Espressif’s agent since 2013 and has now become one of Espressif’s largest shipping agents. We have always adhered to the concept of Espressif’s open source technology. A large number of projects and development material tutorials based on Espressif products have been published on GITHUB.

In 2022, Qiming Cloud will continue to provide developers with more and better technical information and cost-effective products.

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