New arrivals — 2.4-inch magnetic encoder knob screen is coming

2022年1月11日 7月 11th, 2022 新闻
2.4 inch knob screen

The 2.4-inch magnetic encoder knob screen is a knob screen designed and developed by Qiming Cloud based on Espressif ESP32-S2 and the domestic chip high-efficiency development platform 8ms ( for the market IOT application needs.

The solution adopts a 2.4-inch IPS color screen with a resolution of 240*320, and the product structure adopts a magnetic coding knob solution, which is compact, simple, and exquisite in appearance; supports WIFI; users can communicate with serial ports, buttons, and usb cameras through the expansion interface The development and debugging of other functions greatly shorten the user product development cycle.

The solution is often used in smart home appliances such as air fryers with screens, water heaters, washing machines, ovens, etc. It is also often used as the first choice for upgrading traditional segment code screens and black and white screen products.

2.4 inch magnetic encoder knob screen parameters


Development platform-8ms

Using platform to develop, we will provide Release for users to develop quickly;

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