New Product Preview | 2.4-inch Magnetic Encoding Knob Solution Smart Screen Coming Soon

08/12/2021 3月 13th, 2023 news

WT-0-S2-240MW1 is a knob smart screen designed and developed by Qiming Cloud based on Espressif ESP32-S2 and domestic chip high-efficiency development platform 8ms ( for the market IOT application needs.


The solution adopts a 2.4-inch IPS color screen with a resolution of 240*320. The product structure adopts a magnetic coding knob solution, which is compact, simple and exquisite in appearance; it supports WIFI, and users can communicate with serial ports, buttons, and usb cameras through the expansion interface. The development and debugging of other functions greatly shorten the user product development cycle.

Several methods commonly used for rotation monitoring

1. Mechanical encoder

Suitable for small-sized mechanical knobs. Larger knobs can be implemented with hollow encoders, but the 2.4-inch knob smart screen solution is large in size, and the size and height of using hollow encoders will be large, and the main reason is high cost;


2. Optical coding

The cost is higher, and the grating structure is more troublesome to open the mold. If the sensor of the optical mouse type is used, the price is higher; 3. Rongshan

This method will have very high accuracy, but it is easy to be interfered, and the requirements for the capacitance detection performance of the MCU are also very high;

4. Magnetic encoding

Low cost, the precision can be designed according to the needs of the magnet, the magnet can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to various sizes of housing, non-contact sensing, will not be lost due to long-term use;

The above four methods, the most suitable for the 2.4-inch rotary smart screen solution is to use magnetic coding. Low cost and controllable accuracy without affecting sensor life due to long-term use.

The 2.4-inch knob smart screen solution is often used in smart home appliances such as air fryers, ovens, water heaters, washing machines, and smart toilets.

2.4 inch knob screen block diagram

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