ESP32-C3 IoT Smart Gateway Application Solution

17/11/2021 3月 13th, 2023 news

Introduction to IoT Smart Gateway

IOT intelligent gateway generally acts as a bridge between the Internet of Things and the Internet. The gateway obtains Bluetooth data through Bluetooth broadcast or connects Bluetooth devices and uploads it to the cloud server through its own wifi or network cable. Users can remotely view and manage the status of the device by connecting to the cloud server through the APP or applet.

Legacy Gateway

Traditional gateways use Bluetooth chips + more master control schemes with network functions. However, due to the shortage of chips and the development and joint debugging of multiple solutions, the traditional Bluetooth gateway faces the problems of complex business logic, long development cycle and high hardware cost.

Qiming Cloud Gateway Solution

The smart gateway solution based on Espressif ESP32-C3 launched by Qiming Cloud, which integrates 2.4 Wi-Fi and supports long-distance Bluetooth 5 (LE) ESP32-C3 chip and a motherboard. Through the 8ms APP, users can realize Device addition, device reset, third-party control, etc., meet smart home application scenarios. At present, the solution has been recognized by many customers because of its integrated BLE Bluetooth + wifi, low power consumption, high cost performance, and high development flexibility.

ESP32-C3 Gateway Flowchart

Intelligent Gateway Application Features:

Add/control management sub-devices:

The gateway device supports sub-devices that can be added with or without a network. The gateway can realize scene linkage, local linkage and group control between sub-devices.

FOTA service:

Supports FOTA services in all links. The gateway, Ble master, Ble terminal, and the mcu connected to the Ble terminal module can all perform software update operations through online FOTA without disassembly.

Local Scene/Automation:

If the scenarios or automations set by the user are all associated with Bluetooth devices, the cloud will synchronously send them to the gateway for storage after judgment, and the scene/automation will be executed locally first.

Qiming Cloud has been an agent of Espressif (Espressif Technology) since 2013. We have not only carefully sorted out the problems you may encounter during the development process, but also a concise tutorial to get started quickly. At the same time, it also launched related application solutions based on Espressif! I hope you can understand and use good solutions and products quickly!