ESP32 small gateway recommendation:WT32-ETH01

26/05/2021 3月 10th, 2023 news

WT32-ETH01 is an embedded serial port to Ethernet module based on the ESP32 series launched by Shenzhen Qiming Cloud Co., Ltd. The optimized TCP/IP protocol stack is integrated inside the module, which is convenient for users to easily complete the networking function of embedded devices and greatly reduces the development time and cost. In addition, the module is compatible with the half-pad and connector through-hole design. The board width is a universal width. The module can be directly welded on the board card, the connector can also be welded, and the bread board can also be used, which is convenient for users to use in different scenarios.

ESP32 series IC is a SOC integrated with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-mode, with ultra-high RF performance, stability, versatility and reliability, as well as ultra-low power consumption.

WT32-ETH01 has a WIFI Bluetooth network interface. Qiming Cloud provides a wired module AT command set and routines. At the same time, you can refer to ESP32-IDF (SDK) for secondary development. The module supports users to write programs and burn them.

As an agent of Lexin, Qiming Cloud has made many interesting applications and development boards based on chips such as ESP32, ESP8266 and ESP32-C3. If you are interested, you can view the application DEMO through our embedded development tool platform – 8ms, and you can also purchase the development board through the official enterprise Taobao Store of Qiming Cloud.