WT32-SC01 development board test fixture application

23/07/2020 2月 28th, 2023 typical application

Traditionally, the fixtures we see are mainly based on external computers. In order to make the fixtures integrated design, compact and economical, Qiming Cloud proposes a solution based on ESP32 for fixture applications, which can not only make the fixtures smaller , exquisite, and most importantly, to catch up with the trend of technological development to become more economical, smarter and more convenient. At present, the solution has been applied and has been well received by users.


Program introduction
Use the customer’s existing test fixture to connect with the serial port of the WT32-SCO1 development board provided by Qiming Cloud. As long as the module to be tested is placed on the fixture, a connection test can be established with the development board; the test fixture developer can also The custom graphical interface can be completed on the 8ms GUI free platform independently developed by Qiming Cloud, so that the product has its own enterprise characteristics.
The produced test fixture can realize the firmware verification of various Wi-Fi chips and modules, including important information such as firmware version and compilation time. All information can be displayed and output on the 3.5-inch screen that comes with the development board. The test results are simple and intuitive.
The whole scheme design is based on the design concept of simplicity and easy-to-understand, mixing, modularization and multi-compatibility, and is committed to providing customers with intelligent and easy-to-use application solutions.

WT32-SCO1 development board introduction:
WT32-SC01 is a development board based on ESP32 for visual touch screen produced by Shenzhen Qiming Cloud (Wireless-tag) through independent research and development and circuit design. The board can be equipped with self-developed GUI platform firmware, and supports graphical drag-and-drop programming to help users complete the development of a custom control platform. Developers can also develop and debug functions such as buttons, voice, and cameras through the expansion interfaces on both sides of the development board, which greatly shortens the user’s development cycle. This development board is not only used in test fixtures, but also in smart home and smart home appliance fields such as 86-box thermostats, gateways with screens, water heaters, and ovens.
The reason why the WT32-SC01 development board can be recognized by customers in the test fixture is not only because of its super cost-effective, super security, super convenient integration, but also because in the process of product development and testing, the Customers have given us a lot of valuable opinions and suggestions, making the product more grounded and more convenient to use.

The WT32-SC01 development board integrates a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-mode single-chip in a small size, and integrates antenna switches, RF Baluns, power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, filters, and power management modules and rich Peripheral products have established sufficient conditions for the diversified development of products, and have the characteristics of simple operation, clear interface, adjustable GUI interface, low cost, and high performance.

Easy to use
The WT32-SC01 development board formulates a set of special test codes for the test fixture, and uploads the test data to the display module through the serial port connection to realize real-time data reading. Users can intuitively see the performance data of the tested module and determine whether the module is intact.

Clear interface
The LCD screen adopts a 3.5-inch color touch screen, and the interface display is clear and stable. It can realize functions such as interface switching and data storage. Combined with human-computer interaction, you can clearly find the functions you want.

Adjustable GUI interface
The color screen interface design adopts a cross-platform embedded software development system (hereinafter referred to as the 8ms platform) independently developed by Qiming Cloud for interface design services. The interface design uses the programming method of dragging and building blocks to quickly complete the interface of different scenarios. Require.
low cost

The development board adopts an integrated design and is equipped with a 3.5-inch screen. Users can quickly integrate and shorten the product development cycle. At the same time, the components are taken from the original factory, which reduces a lot of intermediate links. We will provide customers with the best products with the best quality and the best price.
High energy efficiency,High performance ratio, fast data transmission speed, can reach 11.52KB/S.